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How to Choose an Electric Power Washer

The internet is an abundant source of information that can prove to be both helpful and detrimental when purchasing an electric power washer. After all, with wide array of products available, it can be difficult to weed out the best machines from the rest. This how to guide aims at directing you on how to select an electric power washer with the best features for your needs.

Power Considerations
First, it is important to consider the area in which the system will be used. If the machine is to be used indoors, an electric power washer is ideal. After all, electricity is readily available indoors and electric-powered machines provide the safest output with no exhaust production and little noise volume. If the machine is to be used outdoors, many operators prefer fuel-powered systems. However, fuel-powered pressure cleaners can generate exhaust that can be harmful to the user if the machine is ever used indoors. There are two solutions: purchase a fuel-powered machine capable of being used with pressure hoses up to 300 feet in length so that the operator can place the base unit in an exhaust-friendly location, or opt for an electric power washer paired with a generator or proper extension cords.

Deciding on the Right Specifications
While the power method of the machine is the first thing to look at, there are many other aspects that must be considered. First, consider the application at hand. If you are facing demanding, heavy-duty industrial applications, an electric power washer capable of emitting high-temperature wet steam is ideal. Such machines can generate 100% wet steam at temperatures up to 330°F to readily dissolve stubborn grease stains and other residues.

For lighter applications, a cold water system will suffice. However, these machines do not afford users with the same power as hot water and wet steam pressure washers. For the greatest versatility, consider a tri-temperature machine, available from top suppliers that offer all three different types of output in a single system. This allows the user to select the desired output temperature based on the application at hand.

Pressure levels are another key factor. For the most challenging applications, on surfaces that can withstand the demands of high pressure levels, machines are available with pressure levels up to 3500 psi (for hot water/wet steam models) and 8000 psi (for cold water models). Such high pressure levels work to more readily blast away stubborn deposits; however, they may also damage delicate surfaces. As such, great care must be taken when selecting the right pressure level.

For a range of commercial and industrial applications, moderate pressure level systems are ideal – like 1750 psi electric pressure washer models and 1600 psi electric pressure washers available from today’s most versatile suppliers. When these moderate pressure levels are paired with high hot water or wet steam temperatures, outstanding results can be achieved. Better yet, there is less risk of damage to surfaces when using 1750 psi electric pressure washer models and 1600 psi electric pressure washers.

Advanced Technologies for Greater Functionality
While the internet is loaded with many suppliers, only the best offer advanced technologies that enhance functionality and user convenience. One such technology available today is an auto-shutdown technology. Electric power cleaners with this technology automatically shut down certain key components after extended periods of inactivity, often set at 30 seconds. This reduces any unnecessary, harmful wear and tear that would otherwise reduce the machine’s life.

To find the best electric pressure washer for you, consult a reputable online supplier today offering advanced technologies, powerful configurations, and high quality components.

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