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How to Choose an Electric Power Washer

The internet is an abundant source of information that can prove to be both helpful and detrimental when purchasing an electric power washer. After all, with wide array of products available, it can be difficult to weed out the best machines from the rest. This how to guide aims at directing you on how to […]

Jaguar CX 75 electric concept car launched

Jaguar, the luxury car maker from the Tata Motors Group has launched an electric car Jaguar CX 75 at the LA Auto Show. The car can run to 900 kms when charged and the top speed of 320 kms per hour can be achieved. Ian Callum, the design director of Jaguar Cars said that the […]

Electric Cars and EV Batteries

There are some kinds of electric cars of many auto manufactures planned to be released this year. They are “Concept Active E” of BMW; “Leaf” of Nissan; “Volt” of Chevy; “Envi” of Chrysler/Dodge.   Chrysler is also electrifying a minivan, and the Jeep. Tesla motors presently has the “Roadster” which cost over $ 100,000. Another […]

2009 Ninth China North International Cycle Show – Electric Auto Association – Hardware Industry

Start time: 2009-03-23 End time: 2009-03-29 Venue: Tianjin International Exhibition Center in Tianjin Sports Center Contact: Jiang Xiaobo, Zhang Hao Contact Phone: 022-26437027/26438743/26437460 Sponsored by: Tianjin Bicycle Industry Association of Tianjin International Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. Sponsor: Exhibition Co., Ltd. Tianjin, China Wheel Exhibition Title: 2009 Ninth China North International Cycle Show Main elements: 1, […]

General Electric Replacement Parts

General Electric appliance parts are one of the most requested parts on the market today. This is due to the fact that General Electric provides appliances for every room of your home. Whether it is a large appliance or small ones, there is likely to be a General Electric appliance in your home. Some of […]

Important Tactics About Selecting A Hybrid Electric Powered Auto

A hybrid-electric vehicle, or HEV, combines an electric energy storage system with an occupied means of generating voltage, usually through the consumption of some sort of fuel. Each type of HEV possesses his own operating quality and chosen design practices, along with disadvantages and benefits. The growth of interior ignition engine vehicles, specifically in automobiles, […]

Build An Electric Vehicle

To build an electric vehicle may sound difficult, but with the quality conversion manuals available today it is much easier than you may think. What you are actually doing is converting your current gasoline powered auto into an electric powered vehicle. Even if you are not a professional mechanic, an average do it your self […]

Automotive Electrical And Electronic Industry Development Trend Forecast – Auto Parts, Auto Electric

1, Electronic Content is becoming saturated, according to some Car Manufacturers estimate that the average non-hybrid vehicles Electric , Electronic components and software costs no more, it is likely to remain in the vehicle cost 20% to 25%. Therefore, these components can only rely on the global market growth in the number of vehicles increase, […]

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