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Auto Alignments in Houston


Extend the life of your tires by coming to European Automotive Center, for auto alignments in Houston. The more miles you drive, the more likely your tires become misaligned and worn. In fact, with every turn and bump, your wheels become slightly askew. The team at our auto repair shop helps you get the most use out of your tires. If your wheels are misaligned, they begin to wear on specific areas of your tires – such as the inner and outer portions. So, how can you tell if you need front-end alignment? Some of the signs include:


  • Tires Have Premature or Uneven Wear
  • Tires Have Bumpy Patterns on Tread
  • Car Pulls to One Side When Driving
  • Steering Wheel Feels Loose
  • Steering Wheel Vibrates When Driving
  • Steering Wheel Is No Longer Centered

Straighten Up & Save Your Wheels


Give your front wheels a break. If you have a front-wheel-drive car, your front tires are certain to wear out faster than the ones on the back of your car. In addition, because these wheels turn, they are more prone to misalignment than the rear wheels. Let us set things straight again by providing computerized front-end alignment. We precisely line up your wheels so you enjoy smooth driving, as well as prolong the life of your tires.

Another way to save your tires is with tire rotation. By rotating your tires – moving your front tires to the back – we extend their life and save you money. That means you will not have to purchase new tires as soon. With our tire services, we maximize the life of your wheels and also provide tire inspections in the process. In addition, tire suspension alignments are known to:

  • Save Fuel
  • Improve Road Stability
  • Increase Driving Safety
  • Prolong the Life of Your Tires
  • Prevent Costly Suspension Repairs

Affordable Car Alignments


It’s difficult to drive straight when your wheels are cockeyed. Improve your ride, save your tires, and save money by depending on our experienced technicians for suspension alignment. Don’t let your car steer you in the wrong direction. We’ll put you on the straight path again. As experienced auto technicians, we know how to ensure you drive straighter and smoother.


If your wheels are pulling you in the wrong direction, it not only makes driving unsteady but unsafe. Stay safe on the road with affordable auto alignments. We not only prolong the life of your tires, but we also improve your driving comfort and safety. By measuring and adjusting the wheels and fixing alignment issues, we eliminate problems that create a shaky and unsafe ride.


Contact us for a quote when you need tire alignments. We proudly serve Houston, Galleria, and River Oaks, Texas,
as well as all of southwest Houston.