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Transmission Services in Houston


Does your car hesitate when changing gears? Perhaps it jerks or makes grinding noises. Get in gear again by relying on European Automotive Center for transmission services in Houston. Our skilled auto technicians accurately diagnose the problem and provide full-service transmission repair. We’ll ensure your car’s gears no longer slip and grind. Best of all, we perform an affordable repair. Allow us to cater to your car and your budget. By fixing transmission problems early, we prevent costly repairs down the road. If you notice any of the following, bring your car in for an inspection:


  • Car Has Problems Getting in Gear

  • Gears Slip or Grind

  • Noises Are Apparent While in Neutral

  • Problems Shifting the Clutch

  • Reddish Fluid Leaking under the Car

  • Whining, Humming, or Clunking Noises

  • Lack of Response When Trying to Shift

You May Not Need a New or Rebuilt Transmission


Over time, debris, dirt, and metal shards can collect in the transmission pan or filter. When the fluid becomes too dirty, these particles circulate throughout the entire system and gears. This results in gear slippage, noises, and even grinding, all that may be fixed by just a simple transmission filter and fluid change, instead of a transmission repair or rebuild. So before the issue worsens, bring your vehicle to our auto shop and allow our technicians to properly diagnose your car and determine if you really need a transmission replacement or is it a problem that can be fixed by a transmission filter and fluid change or by replacing a sensor or some seals.

We will do a complete computer diagnostic and test drive your vehicle to determine if a transmission replacement is even really needed. If it is, we will give you the option of a USED transmission with a warranty or a rebuilt transmission with even a better warranty.

Is It Time for a New Transmission?


Don’t panic if your transmission is shot. We can bring it back to life. Keep your car and save money by depending on us for transmission replacement. It’s a more affordable option then purchasing another car. Even though it’s a complicated process, our highly experienced mechanics are up to the task. We have been repairing and replacing transmissions since 1981. That means we know car transmissions inside and out. Improve the performance of your car and prevent problems down the road with our help.


At the same, it may not be necessary to replace your entire transmission. Instead, we offer transmission rebuilding. We’ll take your old system apart, replace any broken components, and put everything back together. It’ll be like you have a new transmission.


Contact us to schedule an auto diagnostic when your car’s transmission is slipping. We proudly serve Houston, Galleria, and River Oaks, Texas, as well as all of southwest Houston.