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Radiator Repair in Houston

Cool your engine if it’s running hot. Since your car’s radiator is responsible for maintaining the proper temperature of the engine, things heat up fast if it’s damaged. At our auto repair shop, we provide comprehensive radiator repair in Houston, as well as radiator replacement and flushes. Stop your engine from overheating by visiting European Automotive Center when you have engine cooling problems.

Trust our experienced and experienced mechanics to fix any problem with your radiator. Whether it has a small crack or a large hole, we perform the repair or replacement service you need. It’s important to address the issue quickly if you notice a problem, because a damaged radiator and cooling system can cause cracked engine heads or warped valves and pistons, as well as hundreds of dollars in repairs.


To Repair or Replace Your Radiator?

Sometimes it’s easier and more affordable to simply replace a car’s radiator. If your old one is rusty, damaged, or leaking, then repairing it is simply not cost effective. Allow us to install a new one for an affordable price. By providing radiator replacement, we prevent problems with the engine overheating once and for all. We install all types of radiators for cars and trucks of every make and model – both foreign and domestic. If your radiator is damaged or you simply want a better one, rely on us for a quality product at an affordable price.

Why Your Car Needs a Radiator Flush

Like changing engine oil, a radiator flush is important for your vehicle. It washes away rust, scale deposits, and other debris. Over time, these substances reduce the cooling efficiency of your radiator. When flushing your radiator, we remove the old coolant, rinse out the entire system, and then add new coolant that is more effective at cooling your engine. In addition, we also determine if your radiator has leaks. Fortunately, we are able to repair your radiator on the spot. The benefits of a radiator flush include:

  • Removes Rust & Scale Deposits

  • Lubricates the Water Pump

  • Replaces System with Clean Coolant

  • Protects against Rust & Foaming

  • Allows Our Team to Fully Inspect the System

The Importance of Servicing Your Radiator


At our auto garage, we do so much more than repair radiators. Instead, we are fully equipped and trained to fix any problem with your cooling system. From the thermostats and hoses to the water pump and cooling fans, we ensure everything is working properly. If not, you can trust our experienced auto technicians to repair or replace the malfunctioning part. Come to our radiator service for an inspection of your cooling system today.


Contact us for radiator repair if your car is overheating. We proudly serve Houston, Galleria, and River Oaks, Texas,
as well as all of southwest Houston.