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Southwest Houston Car Repair – What is an Alignment, Houston?

What is alignment? Houston Where to get an Alignment? Alignment Tests. Alignments.

Whether you are in southwest Houston or beyond, we would like to encourage you to do necessary preventative maintenance on your car.  It is safer, a lot more economical, and a lot less stressful to have your car care done instead of experiencing painful surprises.

Many people ask, “What is an alignment?”  Wheel Alignment has to do with your car’s suspension.  Your car’s suspension can be affected when you do something as minor as going over a bump in the road. A tiny accident can throw the calibration off of the components of your suspension.  Even with everyday normal driving, your suspension will become worn and your springs will stretch out.  These will cause your car’s wheels to be at wrong angles. An wheel alignment will cause your wheels to be straightened as the angle measurements are restored.

Benefits of proper wheel alignment:

  1. Increases tire life up to 43%

  2. Saves Fuel

  3. Alleviates the need for costly suspension repairs

  4. Provides road stability

  5. Optimizes safety

Symptoms of your car’s need of an wheel alignment:

  1. Tires showing more wear on the outside of your tire or other uneven wear.

  2. Your steering wheel vibrates

  3. Although you know you are driving straight, your car seems to drift to one side.

Even if your car has no symptoms, your car’s manufacturer understands the importance enough to include a schedule in your car’s manual. In fact, we are certified to  honor most manufacturer’s extended warranties for your extended warranty service.

European Automotive Center uses Hunter Engineering’s computerized state of the art equipment. We are your answer to where to get an wheel alignment in Southwest Houston.  Remember, we not only work on your family’s vehicles, but are known in Houston for our fleet services.

Wheel Alignment Prices

$39.99 – American and Japanese cars

$59.99 – American and Japanese trucks, SUVs and vans

$69.99 European cars, trucks, SUVs and vans (compare our prices to our competitors’ whose starting prices are from $125 to $199).

We provide you with a free one year warranty as long as there are no uncorrected suspension problems at the time that the wheel alignment is done or within the year that the warranty is valid.  (Many other auto repair shops sell six month and one year warranties instead of providing them free).