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Hangzhou Strict Management “drunk Driving” Accident Dropped 3 Percent Mechanic Earn Less – – Southwest Houston Car Repair
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Hangzhou Strict Management “drunk Driving” Accident Dropped 3 Percent Mechanic Earn Less –

Hang Area Strict Management “drunk driving”
Vehicle accidents dropped 4 percent, 3 percent mechanic earn less
The past few days in Hangzhou, the gardens Auto Services do paint technicians Wang Yinsheng feel like “all technicians”, and had them paint and sheet metal of these technicians, the company is always the busiest day, because the company stopped the workshop is always full of various types of car accident repairs, light paint and sheet metal is too late to do.

But the past few months, before they do extremely busy in the paint and sheet metal live a little, and had to shake windows machine to do repairs, Bumper Like chores, doing a live mixed light, and income and therefore reduced. “Last month, my money to reduce more than three percent, mainly company car accident less 34 percent.”

Accident car repairs by a 34 percent
Hangzhou Garden Automotive Services is a comprehensive maintenance enterprises in Hangzhou Big Brother, accidents, car maintenance has always been its strong suit. The company’s deputy general manager XU Guoqiang told reporters, “The fact is that car accidents accounted for about one-fifth of total output value of the company maintenance, but seven in August, only 10% of the.” Their company vehicle accidents decreased by 34 maintenance as, in particular the amount of 3 million or above maintenance major accident car is dropped sharply, down 56 percent.

Feel the same car accident down the well to Hangzhou various 4S shop, the reporter investigating the Zhejiang-meter house, Zhejiang Bao Snow Dragon, Zhejiang million in dozens of car brands country, almost all of the service manager has a similar feel. Meter family services manager for Buick, said the money out, the original car accident one month the amount of maintenance is often 800,000 to 900,000 yuan, but only 70 million last month, in which the small car accident reduction is relatively limited, but the significantly reduce the number of car accidents. “Store before we have several large monthly car accident, but a few months almost dropped to zero.” Service manager Kenneth Ma Po Snow Dragon, said small rub small amount of touch or find many car accidents, and now new car over the road. But the car accidents are often caused by speeding, but the owners are often uncontrollable drunk throttle, Strict Management of drunk driving, the feeling down significantly.

Thorough investigation of “drunk driving” accidents decreased significantly
Car accident causes a sudden drop in car industry believe that thorough investigation and to Hangzhou “drunk driving” relevant. Reporter to get a data: from January to August last year, Hangzhou City traffic accidents caused by drunken driving since 22. However, from January to August this year, drunk driving accident caused only 12 cases, a decrease of 45%.

The traffic control department, according to provincial statistics, as of August 31, our province has a total of 11,592 seized from drunk driving, drunken driving after the detention of 1453 people, state personnel discipline inspection and supervision departments of drink driving and 68 cc . Investigated the number of drink-driving offense, Zhejiang discharged to the first. City traffic police brigade under

Hangzhou Branch Miss police officer told reporters the accident, many drivers driving under the influence luck, that drunk driving will not necessarily an accident, resulting guard. In fact, drink driving, dangerous than not drinking 16 times higher. If the driver is not drinking in case of traffic, found in front of danger, from visual perception to the brake pedal movement reaction time is generally between 0.75 seconds. After drinking, the driver will appear hyperopia and other visual barriers, they can not properly understand the cross Communicate No.. Meanwhile, the alcohol from a person’s central nervous system anesthetic inhibition of response capacity will decrease the driver often can not properly control the throttle, brake and steering wheel. After thorough investigation of drunk driving from Hangzhou, a large traffic decreased significantly.

Car accident repair and maintain the normal low level before
“Now we are the number of car accidents, compared with foreign countries, very high, this is very normal.” Hangzhou Motor Vehicle Services Authority in the maintenance of the Director Zhang Mao said that traffic police driving behavior was to strengthen management practices, the number of car accidents decline, this is a matter of rejoicing. In the future, car accident repair industry in the lower level of maintenance to keep it normal. Chai Jianshan

Bureau Chief Engineer said that as the accident to repair often takes a lot of accessories, plus a larger engine and other maintenance costs, especially now that the new car is bearing-type body, a case of an accident and that it must under the original plant data to adjust the body, therefore, maintenance costs at every turn in the last thousand or even a few million, so the maintenance enterprises, accident cars often means big business. Although the car business by accident

, but the auto repair businesses understand this concern. “Decrease the number of accident repairs, a good thing.” Reporter Garden Motor Service Co., Ltd., Hangzhou, several auto repair businesses, they were all so open-minded to that. On a maintenance enterprises, reduce car accidents, do a lot of getting money off the enterprise. According to industry sources, the number of accidents decreased vehicle maintenance after Vehicle Maintenance Competition will undoubtedly increase, which will lead to a lot of maintenance companies to change business thinking, the owner really needs to find services, enabling a more healthy development of the maintenance industry. It is understood Auto Service Co., Ltd. Hangzhou garden maintenance car accidents decline, their vehicles from the strong pre-screening, meticulous service and improve service quality start, to increase the marginal benefit, makes the maintenance of output remained stable.

From the benefit of the public, should also be happy to reduce car accidents, driving environment that we are in the right direction, the driver does not drink driving, drink driving is not a good habit of being gradually develop.

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