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I just did a search on Google for “Auto Repair Houston.”  There were twenty six million results.  I know that you are thinking that there are not that many places to have an auto repair in Houston and I am sure you are correct, but there are many choices! 

How do you make an intelligent choice? European Automotive Center Houston is a complete auto repair and maintenance center servicing all makes and models of European, domestic and Japanese autos, ambulances and other vehicles.  The owners are right on the premises!

Let me give you a few reasons why you should choose European Automotive Center. 

1.  If you are in zip codes 77081, 77036, 77074, 77401, 77063, 77057, 77056, 77027, part of the choice in European Automotive Center’s favor about auto repair in Houston is location.

2.  Is stability important to you? European Automotive Center has been in business over 32  years. It is now serving the off-springs of satisfied customers for auto repair, Houston!

3.  How does reliability fit into your criteria when you think about auto repair, Houston? European Automotive Center offers one year warranties on parts and labor on all of their complete European, Japanese and American vehicle repair and maintenance.

4.  Reputation? Their reputation within their own industry enables them to honor your manufacturer’s extended warranty claims for your auto repair warranty needs in Houston. 

5.  What about expertise? At European Automotive Center your auto repair in Houston will be done by dealer level trained and experienced ASE certified technicians. ASE is the highest certification in the automotive industry.  European Automotive Center subscribes to an automotive resource service which keeps our mechanics advised of the latest manufacturer’s specifications , repairs , diagrams, recalls, etc.. 

6.  Auto repair equipment, Houston? European Automotive Center has state of the art equipment including specific computerized wheel alignment equipment that is not found in many car repair shops in the Houston area.

7.  The last thing you should be concerned about is cost.  You really don’t want cheap when it comes to your family’s safety, but you can expect fair prices at European Automotive Center.  Click here to view coupons to give you great discounts when you mention them when you make your appointment for service.  Students, senior citizens and students get special discounts on their auto repair, Houston. There are also discounts for ambulance and fleet clients. 



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