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Ambulance Repair Houston – Southwest Houston Car Repair
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Ambulance Repair Houston

Ambulance Repair Houston

Ambulance repair in Houston should not be a concern for ambulance company owners. They, in fact, have the opportunity to turn to a proven, trusted source for ambulance repair in Houston, such as European Automotive Center in Southwest Houston.

European Automotive Center is family owned and operated, and is honored to have many ambulance companies as clients. They genuinely understand that as ambulance company owners and managers, you provide a service that people literally may not be able to live without.  That is important to European Automotive Center’s Houston ambulance repair technicians.

You can expect priority treatment even if you only have one vehicle. High priority status will be given to your ambulances to insure a fast turnaround time.
European Automotive Center even offers reduced prices for our ambulance company valued customers. Our technicians specialize in diesel repair and maintenance.

A master auto electrician will be taking care of all your electrical repairs, including electrical shorts, siren problems, and electrical box issues. The experience we have acquired over the years on specific issues in ambulance systems is added to our technicians using up to date information and diagrams for trouble shooting, short tracing, fuel failures and fuel contamination, injectors, front belts, hoses, transmission fluid change, water pumps, fuel pumps, and differentials. We also provide A/C repairs, complete suspension work, smoke /emissions tests, computerized wheel alignment and computer diagnostics.

Houston Ambulance Repair = European Automotive Center!!

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