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2009 Ninth China North International Cycle Show – Electric Auto Association – Hardware Industry – Southwest Houston Car Repair
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2009 Ninth China North International Cycle Show – Electric Auto Association – Hardware Industry

Start time: 2009-03-23 End time: 2009-03-29 Venue: Tianjin International Exhibition Center in Tianjin Sports Center
Contact: Jiang Xiaobo, Zhang Hao Contact Phone: 022-26437027/26438743/26437460 Sponsored by: Tianjin Bicycle Industry Association of Tianjin International Exhibition Center Co., Ltd.

Sponsor: Exhibition Co., Ltd. Tianjin, China Wheel
Exhibition Title: 2009 Ninth China North International Cycle Show
Main elements: 1, Introduction Bicycle Industry in sustainable development Present, the domestic bicycle industry has experienced unprecedented market volatility, production and operation affected. Tianjin Bicycle Industry, together with the national bicycle industry, calmly deal with the new situation and new challenges, efforts to change the growth mode, actively and steadily promote the production and sales growth in the new situation, to achieve sustainable development.

2007 bike production in Tianjin reached 40.53 million, accounting for about 46% of total output. Production reached 6.47 million electric bicycles, bicycle exports reached 14.96 million, have a big increase over the previous year. Particularly marked increase product quality, new materials, new product development has become a mainstream fashion and industrial development. Tianjin bike, electric bike products to continue to maintain continuous development and steady growth momentum forward.

Of Bicycle by industries “China North International Cycle Show,” has been successfully held the eighth. Exhibition of “outstanding achievements in trade,” “thick industrial culture”, “pragmatic” and so on by the national manufacturers and distributors and highly enthusiastic attention. Currently, the situation in Tianjin and Tianjin industry exhibition, like the situation is sustainable development and walking. March 2008 exhibition organized by the eighth show a total of 2200, 500 exhibitors, the exhibition area of nearly 60,000 square meters, the scale and effects far beyond the previous exhibition.

After eight years of sustained development, “China North International Cycle Show” continues to expand its influence. Has become a national distributor of professional year must show. Also attracted a growing number of international buyers to Tianjin to discuss trade.

Ninth “China North International Cycle Show,” scheduled for 27-29 March 2009 in Tianjin International Exhibition Center and Tianjin Sports Center. A total of 2,300 booths, there will be more than 500 enterprises participated in the fair. This will be another bicycle industry event. By then, the national manufacturers, distributors, industry experts and foreign businessmen all will join the festivities.

March, Tianjin, flowers, green grass. On behalf of the exhibition organizers sincerely welcome you to the ninth “China North International Cycle Show.” We will strive to promote and co-witness the rapid development of bicycle industry.

Tianjin Bicycle Industry Association: Gong Xiaoyan
Details: Exhibition Time: March 2009 23-29
Which: Preparation time: March 23, 2009 -26 days
Exhibition Time: March 27, 2009 -29 days
Venue: Tianjin International Exhibition Centre (Friendship Road, Hexi District, Tianjin 32)
Tianjin Sports Center (Tianjin Nankai District, West Road, Bin water)
Note: The two museums have free traffic between the cars, to facilitate customers to visit, business negotiations

Scope of Exhibits: bike, Electric cars , Spare parts, equipment, materials, professional media, the relevant sports and leisure supplies.

Exhibition size: 2,300 booths, the exhibition area of nearly 60,000 square meters
Contact: Jiang Xiaobo (ext. 803) Hao (ext 802)
Zhang Ning (ext 804) Huang Jian (ext 812)

Tel :022-26437027 / 26438743/26437460

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